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There are no rules to commission a painting.  You may be a bride looking to preserve your bouquet in a unique way or the maid of honor looking for a special gift.  A beloved pet may be the focus of your painting, a special memory you want to preserve as a gift, or a picturesque view you want to forever remember.  With so many reasons, a commissioned painting is personal to you, and I work with you on choosing the size, orientation and methodology.  

Demonstration Video- commissioned painting of Greece

Pet Portraits

Pets, we all love them and want them to be with us forever.  I can't tell you how many times I've looked at my cats or my dogs and said, " he's posing!"  To me, animals are living, breathing works of art.  Whether they are painted in a painterly fashion, or in a fun modern twist with interesting colors, pet portraits are simply gorgeous.  I've even painted a few chickens for people that keep chicken coops!  


We have a local florist that designs the most beautiful bridal bouquets I've ever seen.  She's been featured in many famous bride magazines as a pioneer in flower design.  After taking a few floral design classes with her, I was inspired to paint bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and even the table settings for weddings. Often, I scour her website and social media pages for inspiration for my paintings.  Luckily we've become friends, and she even allows me to show up at her shop just to take pictures of all the lovely flowers. A few happy brides have received oil paintings of their bouquets and were so excited for the unique approach to preserving them!

Landscapes & Cityscapes

A realtor commissioned this painting for a client.  The client's wife had passed away and he decided to sell his home and move back to his country.  The realtor became such good friends with the gentleman, and he wanted him to remember his home of  20+ years, so he commissioned a painting.  He mailed the painting and received a touching call thanking him for the kind gesture.  The client was truly grateful for the gift and the realtor was extremely happy to have given it.  

Special Occasions

I love painting flowers, they make me happy, they help me to relax, and they are just plain fun to paint. I paint them in wine glasses, champagne flutes, vases, chalices, etc. I paint them in seasons, for brides, and this time, I decided to paint the bouquet from my father-in-law's funeral. There is something peaceful about flowers, calming, and having a painting to gaze upon to remind us of dear Earl just seemed to make sense. "RIP Earl" we love you.


5" by 7" $45

8" by 10" $80

10" by 10" $95

12" by 12" $125

16" by 20" $225

20" by 20" $250

18" by 24" $275

24" by 24" $325

Commissioned by an aspiring flower farmer's husband for her birthday. 

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